Ben Taylor

writes code with passion.

designs interactions with meaning.

still has no idea what he is doing.

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Recent Things

Starter's Guide to iOS Design

It's a picture representing 'Starter's Guide to iOS Design', which isn't really useful if you can't see. Sorry.

As someone who does work on both the development and design side of iOS apps I find that many designers struggle with the transition to UI work, or with the different processes involved in iPhone and iPad app design. In this guide I'll describe the deliverables you'll be expected to produce, outline the constraints of the medium and introduce fundamental iOS and UI design concepts. More

Animating with Physics

It's a picture representing 'Animating with Physics', which isn't really useful if you can't see. Sorry.

When Facebook launched Home I was very impressed, the interactions were well thought out and the result is stunning. But then I heard Joey Flynn mention that they had built a physics engine to model their animated interactions… More